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Activities at Forges les Eaux Hiking

Forges-les-Eaux, nature destination is THE hiking destination!

Do you like walking, biking or horse lovers, to stroll through the countryside and discover these typical villages of character? Look no further, your next destination is the Pays de Bray.

Hilly region, in the heart of the bocage, you will discover the typical landscapes of this geological peculiarity called "La boutonnière of the Pays de Bray"!

Cani-hiking center - L'Elevage de Saint-Samson

Centre équestre de Serqueux

Equestrian centre of the «Bel Endroit»

Hiking trail n ° 11: Mauquenchy-Roncherolles 6.7km

Hiking trail n ° 12: Boucle de l'Hippodrome 9km

Hiking 2 : La Chevrette 8km

Hiking trail n ° 3: The Mont de Beaussault 9km

Hiking trail n ° 5: Gaillefontaine Château 6km

Hiking trail n ° 7: Grumesnil 12km

Hiking trail n ° 8: Saumont La Poterie 9km

Hiking trail n ° 9: La Ferté St Samson 10 km

Family Cycling Tour :15km

Our favorite

Centre Abbé Pierre - Emmaüs

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