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Think of the planet Eco-responsible gestures

The Forges-les-Eaux Tourist Office is committed to a sustainable development approach.

It is also up to you, during your stay in Forges-les-Eaux and its surroundings, to protect our environment and adopt eco-responsible actions!

The gestures to adopt during your stay

Continue sorting waste

Get all the information on the SIEOM Pays de Bray website.

Consume products from local agriculture and crafts

You will find the whole list of our local producers on the page dedicated to local products on the website. Do not hesitate to go to the different markets in our region to meet our producers.



Favor soft mobility trips to discover Forges-les-Eaux and its surroundings


All of our guided hikes are available in the "Agenda" section of our website. You can also book your favorite activity directly by clicking here.

The bike

Discover our beautiful cycling path Avenue Verte London-Paris and our cycling circuits.


To preserve the environment

  • Limit energy and water consumption

  • Use natural products to get rid of insects, not dangerous aerosol chemicals

What to do during your visits and activities

Respect natural environments do not leave cigarette butts and waste

Do not pick wild species

On the following pages, find the sensitive natural areas in the Forges-les-Eaux sector:

- the Bois de l'Epinay

- Bois Gamet

Do not disturb local wildlife

Be discreet and speak in a low voice. Stay a reasonable distance to observe and not touch wild animals. Do not feed them: this could lead to a change in their behavior or even be very dangerous for their health.

Respect the circuit routes during a hike

In this way, you avoid the trampling and erosion of protected and fragile areas and respect the private properties crossed as well as the work of farmers.

Do not light a fire

All these gestures are good for our health. They are both enriching and exciting for our families, our friends and ourselves.

Let's continue to preserve our riches together and take care of our planet!



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