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Halls for events and receptions The conference rooms

In order to be successful in a seminar, meeting or any other professional event, the choice of a suitable and quality

venue is paramount.

The Forges-les-Eaux Tourist Office has provided you with a choice of rooms specially adapted for seminars, and located

in Forges-les-Eaux or in the surrounding area. The various providers proposing their seminar room offer will offer you

adapted and personalized services, as well as a quality of reception of high standing.

Enjoy the calm and beauty of the Normandy countryside to organize your next professional event in Pays de Bray!


Do you want to give a present to your team, your guests or your colleagues?

The Forges-les-Eaux Tourist Office can prepare packed baskets for you with a varied choice of products and baskets.

Offer a present that lets you discover the flavors of the region and the know-how where your seminar takes place!

Choice of: cakes, ciders, candies, lollipops, soaps, pommeaux, honey, nougats, jams, ...

The Tourist Office will ensure delivery to the place of their seminar if it takes place in Forges les Eaux.


To make your baskets, contact our development manager and our store manager, Juliette, who will be happy to design

your baskets.


For more information or to request a quote for your baskets:

Juliette BARAT /

Auditorium L’Espace de Forges

Reception and seminar room - Gîte de l'Etoile

Our favorite

Gîte Le Coq à l'Âne

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