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Presentation of producers

Our Pays de Bray boasts a preserved image, thanks in large part to our partners! We have therefore had the wish to present you some partners "Treasures" of our Destination, because of their originality, their know-how or their knowledge on our territory!


​L'Escargot du Mont Fossé


Christophe and Fabienne LAMY created their activity on 2 February 1991 in Sommery


Describe your business?

Escargot du Mont Fossé"Breeding of gastropods (snails)"

Fabienne why did you choose this activity?

"My husband Christophe wanted to create an activity that would combine his knowledge in cooking and breeding animals. After several searches his choice was on our friends gastropods.

The French are the first consumers of snails so he said "why not raise them in our beautiful Pays de Bray in order to prepare them to the flavors of traditional cuisine" I have therefore in my turn interested in these little beasts So special ".

 What were you doing before?

"Christophe practiced the trade of Berger and I was commercial secretary"

 What are your passions ?

"We like to walk a lot and we give ourselves some time for cultural visits"

 Cite 3 key words to describe yourself?

"Passionate", "Pedagogues", "Convivial" 

 Where can people staying in our region meet you?

"We are open all year for sale. For visits we welcome visitors from 15 May to 15 September from Wednesday to Saturday by appointment (from 3.30 € / pers).

From 7 to 107 years old, you are welcome. I propose you a guided tour to discover the universe of the snail from its birth to its transformation.At disposal for any questions on 02 35 90 19 41 or by mail at "



La Vache de Louvicamp


The Cow of Louvicamp

Lucie and Marc ENGERANT created their business 15 years ago in Mesnil-Mauger


Describe your business? 

La Vache de Louvicamp"Cattle breeding, manufacture of cow milk products and delicacies, kitchen workshop"

Lucie why did you choose this activity?

"We particularly like the Pays de Bray and we are passionate about our cows".

 What were you doing before?

"We were both teachers, so we kept our teaching fiber when we welcome the school public."

 What are your passions ?

"We love cooking and we are passionate about nature"

 Cite 3 key words to describe yourself?

"Warm", "Entrepreneurs", "Passionate about"

 Where can people staying in our region meet you?

"We invite you to share our passion by tasting our delicacies during a snack and then to participate in the milking of the cows. 100% farmer is waiting for you (visit + tasting 5 € / pers) Contact me on 02 35 09 27 52 or by mail at "



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