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Forges-les-Eaux the friend of the big as small canins Ideas for walks with your Dog

 If you are looking for a city where your dog can gamble and have fun, don’t look any more for Forges-les-Eaux and its surroundings welcome on its lands your precious companion.




4 ecological or forest trails are proposed to you in the Bois de l'Épinay. These trails are perfectly suited for small family walks.




Orientation route of the deer

The permanent orientation course «Bois de la chevrette» is a field permanently equipped, in the wood of Épinay, for the practice of the Orientation race. Several levels of «post hunting» are proposed to you. Perfect for walking or running with your dog.



Health journey of Épinay


The health course of Épinay allows a regular and complete physical maintenance. It is made up of 11 devices spread over a distance of 3 km. Perfect for physically talking to your dog.


Lac de l'Épinay and Lac de l'Andelle

These are lakes that are part of the Bois de l'Épinay that you can walk or run around with your dog




The Lyons forest is the largest beech forest in France (10,700 ha). Good for spending your energy and that of your canine.



Arboretum de Lyons

3 permanent orientation routes allow you to discover in a fun way the 8 ha of the site. perfect for walking or running with your dog.




















































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