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How to organize a day?

Want to prepare an outing for your groups? So this space is dedicated to you!

Stéphanie, our guide speaker and product manager, will be delighted to inform you about the different days we propose.

Normandy is an ideal destination for groups, whether you are a coach agency, a town hall, a 3rd age club (or others).



The group service is:

- a service specially dedicated to your listening!

- a single contact: the Tourist Office takes care of everything!

- a service registered by the State and guaranteed by the APST

- a service marked QUALITÉ TOURISME ™, a guarantee of confidence and seriousness

Who to contact?

Stéphanie Herchuée

Stéphanie, is listening to you !

Tuesday to Friday

From 09:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00


Which day to choose?

Discover without delay all the days that we propose in our guide "Destination Groups ".

Namely, that these are all modular and interchangeable at your convenience.

Visits in the morning or in the afternoon may be changed.

Quotation on request.

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