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Explore Destination local products

Lovers of local products, the Pays de Bray should delight your taste buds! Norman gastronomy is indeed one of the richest and most representative of our country, and the typical products are legion!

Also, many places of interest are to be discovered in terms of local products, such as the Ferme de la Rhubarbe, the helicopter farms (snail farming) of Mont Fossé and Mont Réal, or the Cow Farm Of Louvicamp.

To discover dairy asses, as well as cosmetics and ecological detergents made from their rare and precious milk, a single address: A Fairy in the Asinerie!

Fans of Vikings will not be able to pass by the Gröning Farm, located in Grumesnil. Here you can meet animals such as reindeer, woolly pig, Jacobs sheep with 4 horns, Tarpan, but also a small boat and an exhibition devoted to the Vikings.

Discovering the local products is a real pleasure in the Pays de Bray!

Domaine de Merval

Domaine Duclos Fougeray

Rhubarb Farm

Ferme de Torchy

Ferme du Mont au Bec

Ferme Gröning

Farm L'Escargot du Mont Fossé

Farm L'Escargot du Mont Réal

Farm La Vache de Louvicamp

Fromagerie de la Ferme Saint-Joseph

Une Fée dans l'Asinerie

Our favorite

Gîte Le Coq à l'Âne

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