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Activities at Forges les Eaux Explore

In Forges-les-Eaux, activities and outings of all kinds are not lacking!

The Forges Tourist Office has gathered in this category all the tourist destinations to be discovered in our region, divided by fields of activities.

From the simple walk in the forest to the guided tour, passing by sporting activities, relaxation or leisure, there is something for everyone!

Do not hesitate to refine your search using the different categories on the right of the page.


Forges SPA

18-hole Golf of Saint-Saëns

Haras du Plix

Hippodrome de Mauquenchy

Historama of Forges

Jardin de Valérianes

Jardin du Mesnil et salon de thé

Group day: 100% greedy

Group day: casino and circus in the countryside

Special mini-group day: with family, friends ...

The Domaine de Forges ice rink

Our favorite

Farm L'Escargot du Mont Fossé

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